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Innovation never happens by chance! What often inspires a creative, or even revolutionary, idea? A watchful, imaginative and savvy client with productivity at the forefront of their concerns. The idea sprouts in our engineering office, and eventually, it drives our research and development.

Often, we initially find the concept impossible to realise because “we think we’ve already tried, it will not work”... Despite the headwinds, a change in attitude can draw out a solid roadmap to successful implementation. After hours of brainstorming, meetings of the minds and concentration, the whole team is finally convinced of THE good idea... Everything seems possible, and in the end, easy to accomplish! Our company’s think tank produces the first 3D “paints”. Prototypes, tests, modifications and doubts lead the engineering office wondering if it was actually a “false good idea”. And finally, we draw on solid communication, reconsiderations, reflection and patience to develop the ideal solution!! The 12 innovations that we’ve accomplished over the past 12 years reflect this research and development, such as the “JUNIOR” robot, the simultaneous open-top case filling and palletising solution, or the OVOMULTICASER. Two patents and registered designs are the fruit of our labours. It has been extremely satisfying to collaborate with our clients on these tremendous challenges! I would like to thank our clients for always pushing us further, our partners for their support and our teams for their commitment!
Thank you all!!
Jean-Louis LEZORAINE - Manager

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In a continual search for innovative solutions to satisfy their clients and meet market demands, since the last newsletter, OVOCONCEPT has developed new concepts to enhance its range of products.
La 1ère innovation La 2è innovation La 3è innovation

The 1st innovation relates to washing plastic trays. The OVOCONCEPT range includes the LA400 (400 egg trays per hour) tray washer and the LA1500 (1,500 egg trays per hour). However, our clients have requested a higher-capacity washing. So, based on the “per batch” concept for pallets and dividers, we developed the LA3000. This washer will wash approximately 900 trays per cycle. You can accomplish up to 4 cycles/hour, which equals up to 3,600 trays/hour. This washer is manually loaded and unloaded, then all the other steps (washing, rinsing, disinfection and drying) are automated. The machine is equipped with an autonomous water heating system (up to 60°C). Tray contact time (over 3 min.) at a temperature of 60°C ensures tray hygienisation and guarantees proper sanitary conditions.

The 2nd innovation is a system that supports simple, ergonomic palletising: “OVOLIFT”. Adapted to the stacker exit belt of your farmpacker, it easily handles the 4-tray stack and palletises it.

The 3rd innovation lies in hatcheries. To reduce farm-to-hatchery transport costs for incubated eggs, a new generation of stackable setter trays is becoming popular in the hatchery sector. To simplify putting these new stackable setter trays into trolleys, OVOCONCEPT has developed a robot cell equipped with a specialised gripping head that depalletises up to eight setter trays at once. The solution then loads the setter trays onto trolleys at a maximum rate of 65,000 eggs/hour (three different filling zones).

News internationales


With 500,000 laying hens on two different sites, producing its own feed, the company GOSPODARSTWO DROBIARSKE, based in Bytom Odrzansky (Poland’s north-western region), needed to update its production equipment to collect eggs more rapidly and efficiently.

What’s more, faced with workforce shortages, Mr. Bugaj, the owner of GOSPODARSTWO DROBIARSKE, wanted the most automised solution possible for egg collection at the 4-building, 360,000-hen site. That way operators could focus on the other tasks inherent to such a structure. After visiting several farms in France, Mr. Bugaj naturally chose the farmpacker FLASHPACK 80,000 eggs/hour. It was designed by our Italian partner SIME-TEK, farmpacker and grader equipment manufacturer. The company head also selected our palletising robot for egg trays, the OVOPERFORMER P400 with a capacity of up to 144,000 eggs/hour.

The two tray denester automatic feeding systems reduce the number of operator actions required for reloading so they can concentrate on egg sorting (equipment designed for compatibility with carton or plastic trays).

Two top tray denesters installed at each stacker exit belt are needed to enable M. Bugaj to pack his eggs in carton trays. Full pallets are evacuated via stainless steel automatic output chain conveyors, which have an integrated weighing system that prints a label with the pallet weight and laying house code. This system simplifies the tracking of animal productivity as well as the exact weights shipped to the packing station.

This complete installation significantly reduces egg collection time, requires less personnel and greatly improves employee working conditions. We extend our sincere gratitude to Mr. Bugaj for his trust. We are convinced that this type of installation will meet the needs of many egg producers worldwide.


Thanks to regular attendance at international trade shows and a successful collaboration with our partner Sime-Tek, in September, we have installed two palletising robots in Italy.

Mr. Carlo Spazzini, a long-standing SIME-TEK client, equipped his site with a more efficient machine (the FLASHPACK 40,000 egg/hr). Naturally, he combined it with a full-option JUNIOR robot and a denester automatic feeding system on the farm packer. “The close collaboration between Sime-Tek and Ovoconcept matched with their perfectly-adapted machines was just the right recipe for trusting in their solutions” Mr. Spazzini told us. “What really made the difference was Ovoconcept’s commitment, experience and capacity to meet our specific needs.”

As for Mr. Brunello, he was won over by the machine Sime-Tek 80,000 eggs/hr when he visited a complete installation in Brittany! He chose a double packer, the FLASHPACK 80,000 eggs/hour and a palletising robot, the full-option OVOPERFORMER P400 with two tray denester automatic feeding systems on the packer. “We opted for the Sime-Tek-Ovoconcept combo because of this production line’s unrivalled efficiency, flexibility and reliability”, Mr. Brunello told us.

We are extremely grateful to these clients for their unwavering trust and are looking forward to seeing other early-stage projects in Italy materialise soon!

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OVOCASER robot cell with automatic gripping head change

Located in Fief Sauvin in France’s Maine-et-Loire region, the company Œuf des 2 Moulins is an egg packing station of the farmers’ association Œufs de nos Villages.
Cellule OVOCASER avec changement automatique de préhenseur

Stephanie and Bertrand RIPOCHE had already automated a part of their egg packing station. Their goal was to continue optimising their site with a robot cell that provided the two-fold advantage of offering a compact design for a tight space and versatility to accomplish the various production tasks. The duo contacted OVOCONCEPT and together we decided on the OVOCASER robot cell with an automatic gripping head change, offering them the multi-purpose functions they were searching for. The OVOCASER robot cell is equipped with three different gripping heads, automatically changeable. Working with all types of prepacks, the machine fills open-top cases of 96 eggs, then palletises them. A local printer labels each filled open-top case before it is palletised. Via an automatic output conveyor system, empty open-top cases are sent from the case erector to the robot cell and also to the manual egg grader exit belt. When the OVOCASER is not filling the open-top cases and palletising, its boxing function handles prepacks (1 x 10 or 1 x 15) with its 2nd gripping head or 2 x 6 or 1 x 12 prepacks with its 3rd gripping head. The prepacks are sent from the egg grader to the robot cell via a contiflow system. This robot cell handles 1 prepack reference at a rate of 25,000 eggs/hour when it is filling open-top cases and palletising or between 30 and 40,000 eggs boxed/hour when it is filling displays. Automatic output conveyors at ground level evacuate loaded pallets and filled displays out of the safety zone. OVOCONCEPT is very proud of this installation and thanks Stephanie and Bertrand RIPOCHE for their trust and collaboration. The flexibility, compact design and versatility of our solutions greatly contributed to this successful partnership. We are confident that this installation will significantly increase the site’s productivity and improve working conditions.

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Once again, we would like to express our deep appreciation for our clients’ trust in OVOCONCEPT. We would also like to mention the ETS LE GAL for their quest to robotise their packing station, and the company LAFAYE-POND’OR for a 2nd Pelbo egg breaker.
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